Shortlisted for NME Photographer of the Year

As some of you may already know I have had a few images entered into the current NME Photographer of the Year competition, which has now been vastly narrowed down to a shortlist for final voting and judging.

I currently have 2 images in the ‘Portrait’ Category – this is a shorlist of only 30 photographs so is a huge compliment in itself. The site had now reopened for voting so if you find yourself with a spare few minutes, take a look and vote according to your preference. There are some fantastic images in there and I am proud to be featured alongside some very talented photographers.

Below are some links that may be helpful – they have now removed the names of photographers below each image so if you are not familiar with my work use the links provided. 

My Lupen Crook photograph:—portrait/item/185382

My Arcadian Kicks photograph:—portrait/item/183706


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