The Stranglers – Black & Blue Poker

Having taken some live shots of The Stranglers at Hammersmith Apollo back in March of this year I was delighted to hear from their manager asking if we could work together on a new promo shoot for the band’s upcoming ‘Black and Blue Tour’.

After much deliberation of concepts and ideas the notion of manipulating commonly used colours to something a little more unexpected emerged. A poker game traditionally featuring black and red suits of cards was shifted to black and blue – some poker chips and bottles thrown in for good measure and the following images were the result.

I hope you like them, all comments are very welcome, Many Thanks to all x


50 thoughts on “The Stranglers – Black & Blue Poker

  1. Love the photo’s, Jenny. So different to the typical and predictable studio shot’s you get from most band photographers !

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Excellent photographs, well done. Any clues as to what the topics of discussion were during the shoot.?

    These men naturally ooze menace and intensity, and I think that you captured this very well.

    Best wishes,

    1. hi mark, thanks very much. hm topics of discussion….we were in a studio opposite the harley davidson warrs dealership so i reckon there was a fair bit of bike talk going on, that and bad tv adverts if i remember rightly!

  3. Interesting concept. Would have liked to have seen the outline of their instruments in the dark background – as if they’re still on stage, just to keep the band into perspective. But great photos!!

  4. been a stranglers fan for thirty years and found the concept of changing the chips and all associated articles round the band a great piece of moody art work,very unusuall and unique,especially to see baz with such a hard hand to beat,great pics that make you feel anticipation for the tour,very nice jenny,
    stranglers spiderman,

  5. Great Photo’s, I got to meet the lads after the sligo gig in the residents bar, they stayed up half the night with the fans that had booked into the hotel also. Best night of my life yet! don,t tell the wife.

      1. hi jenny
        have left you an e mail about the pics
        hope u got it and can oblige with info of where i can get copies and signed lol

  6. Excellent pic’s Jenny and well spotted Bongo, i wonder what J & the A stands for that Baz is holding, lmao !! Would also like to know a bit more about the vintage in that bottle, just cant make it out but im sure ive seen that label on Tescos shelves before, or maybe not!
    Gid stuff Jenny.

    1. hi rikki, thanks so much for the compliments and am glad to see the details are keeping everyone guessing 😉
      i dont think they sell that particular bottle in tesco but the label is indeed a tour pass hehe,
      thanks again.

  7. Might have guessed lol.
    Was it Baz`s idea for his cards as well then, as anyone who has seen him solo will know he is an “Ace, Joker” lol
    Keep it up, nice work x

  8. very classy pics jen.. hope these will be available to buy in the near future.
    the next stranglers album should be titled ”black and blue”, you should do the cover shot and use the rest of these pics on the back sleeve.

    regards gary…

  9. superb pix jenny, the lads r luckin as gud as ever, GOD SAVE THE STRANGLERS, surely one day, these guys will b given the credit they more than deserve, i hold my breath, and wait!

  10. Fab pics Jenny!

    Any others that you can put up?
    Will you be at Hammersmith in March taking photos? If so see you there!
    I’ll be the one in the Stranglers t-shirt….


  11. Very very classy photos. Great work! They deserve no less do they? Also met them in the bar after the Sligo gig. A great atmosphere. Definately the best night out of my life 🙂

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