It seems a strangely reassuring coincidence that i embarked upon this mini project almost a year to the day that i carried out the Asylum series…even more so in the days of post-production.

To view images from the Asylum series and corresponding interview please visit Dazed Digital here:

Despite the majority of these images focusing on the abandonment and history of this vessel as somewhere previously occupied by very real human beings it is impossible not to see/feel the sharp toll tourism has taken. Years of graffiti have built up a new nostalgia with people layering their names, dates and love-hearts on top of one another in a constant covering of past with present.

It felt at the time that i was documenting a series of history with a fortuitously appealing start point, to be truthful i am still unsure as to whether these multiple perspectives sit together comfortable but perhaps that is the point, which part of history is more worthy of preservation and why do people feel the need to add their own piece of history to nominated relics?

I am reminded of a favourite quote of mine from Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor “Culture is based in detail…in generations of characters, of people, of species, building on top of the past generation’s work.”

Either way it was a fascinating documentary project and i hope you enjoy the results.




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